A New Year’s Gift – A New Ulster Publishes Nolan

I am thrilled A New Ulster has published all the poems and a flash fiction piece I sent. Thank you Amos for your support – it is a wonderful way to begin 2017.

You can review A New Ulster Issue 52 here.

Please consider supporting Amos by purchasing a copy here.

Your purchase would help a valuable literary journal survive and ‘A New Ulster is a truly independent journal … receive no funding and therefore have more freedom in the content we publish. We draw the line at hate speech or racism.’

‘Justiced’ was written as a favour to a New York editor friend who wanted a piece on travellers or gypsies as she called them. It was initially accepted but not published in the US and I am so happy to see it out there now. It’s intent is to deepen our awareness of how discrimination actually harms us all. It was described as ‘extremely dark’ but I do not think so.

There is a story within each of the poems but I will only write a little about Remembrance. I wrote it to mark the 100th anniversary of The Easter Rising in Ireland. If you have visited The Gardens of Remembrance in Dublin’s city centre then I hope you will have a deeper understanding. The poem borrows from The Children of Lir myth, which saddened me so a child and consoles me now as an adult mnvopri.

May you all be happy, peaceful, healthy, and safe throughout 2017 and beyond.

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