Rolling Sun

You had your child-catchers

Faithfully in place

They helped you 3 times

To their disgrace

It’s no wonder you can’t sleep

Inflicting so much pain

When you look at what you’ve done

Under this Rolling Sun

You said it was hard

To hurt me

Didn’t stop you

Doing so anyway

You think I’m coming after you

But I’m so far away

You tried erasing his memory

But our son is here to stay

Under this Rolling Sun

For forgiveness

To a god you pray

They were never yours alone

To hide away

Darkness is only

Light delayed

And the light will always come

Under this Rolling Sun

You’re not asking

For my advice

I say set sail 

Or you’ll ignite

You’ve made your bed

No need to sleep in it tonight

When you realise what you’ve done

Under this Rolling Sun



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