1 – First Song

Long long journey coming

And now we are here

Meeting in a desert

An oasis is clear

Load up load up everything

Leave what you don’t need

It’s our choice our understanding

It’s just you and me

You, you are golden

And I am golden too

Together we are iron

Nothing will break me & you

We have lit our fire

And it’ll burn day & night

We’ll all play and dance around it

It’ll always burn bright

You let me touch you

Let me fell your skin

You let me kiss you

You made me begin

Long long journey ending

New one to begin

Take their hands

Let’s get them all in

We can’t take no for an answer

We’re all going too far

Load up load up everything

Let’s go follow our star

(Written 7 days before wedding. Found a few weeks ago, blue parchment and gold pen. Typed 1 year, 10 months after divorce without editing, with embarrassment. Still it is the first song.)



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