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The Engagement Ring

Girlfriend: Would you spend €20,000 on an engagement ring?

Boyfriend: Yes, but you’d look silly with a car on your finger.


World Cup Confusion

One evening an elderly couple are watching a World Cup game on TV and the wife asks

‘Who’s playing? Algeria?’ 

Her husband replies ‘No. Algeria’. 

‘That’s what I said. I said Algeria!’

‘Sorry love I thought you said Nigeria.’

‘Ah! If you’re going to make up countries what’s the point?’


I‘m not an amnesiac. I just don’t remember things


‘What’s shite? Is it the plural of shit? Or the past tense? No, that’s shat.’


May your feet stay dry & warm,

And Vick always smell up your chest,

And may 2014 be not just a month but also the best!



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