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Growing Corncrake

This is all I know right now. A corncrake is a bird that was once common in Ireland. Modern agriculture has destroyed the wild meadows that were their habitat. I live in a valley, overlooking the ocean, protected by hills, and the last corncrake was heard about a decade ago. I’ve been told there is a breeding pair on Inish Turk. We have 23 acres and the first thing I’d like us to do is grow a habitat for corncrake.

Next… What is a Corncrake? What does it look and sound like?

#drawmenow #artmenow

A drawing a day for a few years now. Here you go.

Twist Tribute

Twist passed peacefully, surrounded by loving beings on July 11, 2019. His life will continue to inspire us. Maltreated beyond imagining he was saved by Anna Seagull. As a teenager she bravely decided to give him a life filled with love, she saved her money and brought him to Blue Rider stables in Egremont, MA. And there he stayed, surrounded by his herd of equines and humans.

His approval meant Grace was reassured. Here is my tribute. If you feel like contributing to his memorial fund please so so here:

Boyne Berries 24 Launches 4th October 2018

Boyne Berries 24 will be launched on Thursday, 04th October, 2018 at 8 p.m. in The Castle Arch Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath by poet Miceál Kearney. Entry to the launch is free and all are welcome. Contributors to the magazine will read on the night and copies of the magazine will be available to purchase.

More information here.

Boyne Berries, published by the Boyne Writers Group, is edited by poet Orla Fay, copy-edited by poet Frances Browne and features cover design by poet and illustrator Rory O’Sullivan.

Boyne Berries 24 features work by ME!!!!! Plus…Brian Kirk, Eamonn Lynskey, Kate Ennals, Gráinne Daly, Arthur Broomfield, David Butler, Oliver Mort, Paul McCarrick, Peter Farrelly, Tomas McGuinness, Emma McKervey, Miceál Kearney, Bernie Crawford, Polly Richardson, Eithne Cavanagh, Deirdre McClay, Peadar O’Donoghue, Camillus John, Jane Blanchard, Frank Murphy, Anthony Wade, Steve Wade, Keith Fitzsimons, John Davies, Mike Gallagher, Pam Muller, Mel White and Caroline Carey Finn.


Boyne Berries to publish “And So You’re Gone” in Autumn 2018

“And So You’re Gone” – which I will connect to once published – is a tribute to my fellow poet and friend Sean who died suddenly last year. He is missed by friends and his dear family. I remember fondly calling out to him for a chat and I am grateful for his advice.

Whenever I came to him with a problem he had an answer. It was always clear and always delivered like a boom from a cannon. He was a generous supporter of me leaving Ireland to be with Grace in New York. Then he’d laugh and remind me of how we were when we first met – he was 10 and I was 13 then. It is hard to believe this world continues to turn without him.

So here is the man himself in a film made to launch his dream book of poetry – The Beach Beckons. Thank you to Ice Boy Films for making him feel like a star again. Sometimes I can still hear him shout “Walk towards the light! For fuck’s sake just walk towards the light.”

Boyne Berries is one of Ireland’s treasured journals and you can find out more by visiting their blog here. Boyne Berries Blog.



Born in Ireland where history still teaches
Appalled by an Irish-American unkindness to refugees
This amnesia that we were them, forced to leave homes for fear and hunger
That’s why all our old songs are sad
Upon hearing an Irish descendant hijack our past
To justify America now
Creating enemies of the poor on this planet
Vilifying workers rights, healthcare, education, evolution, environment and ethics
Their blind encouragement of violence foreign and domestic
Their solemn thanks to a veteran for what they call service
Whilst denying them a home and care on return
Constantly lining their own pockets
Spitting America is great again and again
Makes me want to puke and scream
Your place at this table was paid for with refugee blood
We were cursed by an empire
Fucked royally by christian civil wars
Cannon fodder from the moment we landed on any shore that took us
So your task is to shoulder that door open not to build a wall
Keep your fires lit and food in the pot
Welcome the strangers that you’ll come to know
Today we are Mexican, Syrian, Brown, Black, Poor, Women, Children, Homeless, Gay
Because our place will always be with the underdog
Until there are no refugees left on this planet
Because we like all battered people
Know where the shadows lie

© Peter Nolan 2017


A New Year’s Gift – A New Ulster Publishes Nolan

I am thrilled A New Ulster has published all the poems and a flash fiction piece I sent. Thank you Amos for your support – it is a wonderful way to begin 2017.

You can review A New Ulster Issue 52 here.

Please consider supporting Amos by purchasing a copy here.

Your purchase would help a valuable literary journal survive and ‘A New Ulster is a truly independent journal … receive no funding and therefore have more freedom in the content we publish. We draw the line at hate speech or racism.’

‘Justiced’ was written as a favour to a New York editor friend who wanted a piece on travellers or gypsies as she called them. It was initially accepted but not published in the US and I am so happy to see it out there now. It’s intent is to deepen our awareness of how discrimination actually harms us all. It was described as ‘extremely dark’ but I do not think so.

There is a story within each of the poems but I will only write a little about Remembrance. I wrote it to mark the 100th anniversary of The Easter Rising in Ireland. If you have visited The Gardens of Remembrance in Dublin’s city centre then I hope you will have a deeper understanding. The poem borrows from The Children of Lir myth, which saddened me so a child and consoles me now as an adult mnvopri.

May you all be happy, peaceful, healthy, and safe throughout 2017 and beyond.